I have been Dr. Mitchell’s patient for almost six years.  Prior to his care, I had been treated by three other chiropractors.  None were able to treat me with the quality care needed to cure me of my aggravating and lingering neck and back problems.  I have also suffered a severe spinal disk injury.  Through his intense treatment, and more importantly, his care for his patients,
I am 100% recovered.
-George (43),  Scottsdale, AZ

Dr. Michael Mitchell is a caring doctor who is a true benefit to his profession and his patients.  You cannot go wrong with him!  My kids and I have been under Dr. Mitchell’s Care for years and he has ALWAYS taken care of our aches and pains.
I go to him first for my aches and pains before I go to my family doctor.
-Sylvia (40), Scottsdale, AZ

Scottsdale Chiropractor Restores Child’s Hearing

My Miracle Child

At the age of 8, my daughter was diagnosed with a hearing impairment. We were sad that at such a young age she was asked to wear hearing aids. The audiology test revealed that she had 30% hearing loss and more than likely she was born with it. Here is our miracle story: …Read More

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  1. Dr. Mike I trust with my children whole heartedly. He is always so intuned with my family and their needs. We love you and thank you Dr. Mike!

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