You will positively adjust your mind and body
with an adjustment from
Scottsdale ChiropractorDr. Michael Mitchell
with Desert Mountain Spinal Care Shea.


Are you tired of living with pain?
We got the treatments for you.

We are a multi disciplinary office and here are just some of the treatments we offer:
Chiropractic Adjustment
Deep Tissue Massage
Pain Injection
Male/ Female Hormone Replacement
Natural Weight Loss Program
Primary Care
Prolo Therapy & PRP
Natural Thyroid Replacement

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We are here to help with your chiropractic needs.  Injuries, pain, and illness are an enviable part of life whether you are active or not.  The causes may include sports injuries, auto accidents, children’s growing pains, migraines, etc.

Although injuries, pain and illnesses enter your life, it is your choice on how to treat them.  Chiropractic is proven safe and effective.

Desert Mountain Spinal Care Shea is a multidisciplinary practice focusing on caring for the entire skeletal system, nervous system, and muscular systems of the body.  Studies show the importance of caring for these systems as a whole.  We provide numerous services to relieve your pain quickly and get you back to a healthy and active life.

In addition to providing Scottsdale chiropractic care, some of the services offered are Physiotherapy, Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy.  Check out our Services page to review what service we offer.


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