Scottsdale Chiropractor Restores Child’s Hearing

My Miracle Child

At the age of 8, my daughter was diagnosed with a hearing impairment. We were sad that at such a young age she was asked to wear hearing aids. The audiology test revealed that she had 30% hearing loss and more than likely she was born with it. Here is our miracle story:

Ever since we could remember, she hated loud noises, especially loud human voices like at the school cafeteria or when we play games like Pictionary where everyone is yelling out their answers as well as with fireworks. She used to cover her ears and cry saying ‘mom, it’s too loud’. I started carrying cotton balls in my purse so she can use them to plug her ears. Oddly, she never complained of loud music at her dance studio and she loved to dance. We never realized this was a sign of hearing impairment until we were casually speaking with our friend and ENT, Dr. Peter Kaiser. When we told him she hated loud noises, he suggested that we bring her into his office for an audiology test. As Dr. Kaiser suspected, she was hearing impaired and requested that she wear hearing aids. Since it took time for us to realize she had a hearing issue, she was tested by the school and found to be 2 years behind her normal age in reading, writing, etc.. She was struggling and hated reading, especially chapter books. All this time we never suspected a hearing issue and had her tested for many areas like vision, brain activity, etc… Due to being behind in reading and the hearing impairment, the school board assigned a reading and a hearing teacher to help her. After she started wearing her hearing aids and with the extra help she got from her wonderful hearing teacher, Ms. Otte, my daughter’s reading and other school work started to improve. However, when the audiologist tested her again at the age of 10, her hearing had gotten worse and requested to have the hearing aids upgraded.

At this time, my family had been seeing Chiropractor Dr. Michael Mitchell for other back and neck issues. I happened to be in his office one day and noticed a poster that showed the types of areas a chiropractor can adjust which included hearing. After speaking with Dr. Mitchell about my daughter’s hearing issues, he explained that chiropractic actually started with someone having their hearing restored through vertebral subluxation (spinal adjustment) and that he will be happy to evaluate her. After x-rays and other evaluations, Dr. Mitchell was convinced that he could help. He performed about 3 neck and spinal adjustments before he felt the adjustments stayed in place. After another 3 manipulations, we had my daughter evaluated by the audiologist. We were all amazed that her hearing had been fully restored. Of course the audiologist was skeptical along with the school district. The school district referred us to another audiologist and we had her evaluated again. The same result, she had normal hearing. Everyone was very skeptical about chiropractic adjustments restoring her hearing but there was no other explanation since my daughter had been evaluated just a month prior to the Chiropractic treatment where her hearing was worse than 2 years ago. We were elated that she didn’t have to worry about wearing hearing aids and thankful to Dr. Mitchell for performing what we felt was a miracle to restore our child’s hearing. I know most people are skeptical about going to Chiropractors but we have had the best experience with Dr. Mitchell. He is very personable and has a great bedside manner and my kids love going to him. For anyone with hearing or other spinal issues, we highly recommend Dr. Michael Mitchell. Thanks Dr. Kaiser for finding my daughter’s hearing issue and a special thanks to Dr. Mitchell for restoring it!

Roshani de Soysa

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