Most People are in Pain

Often times, people choose to take reactionary measures rather than be proactive. This is especially true when it involves their health or lifestyle. Many people seem to think symptoms or problems will just go away. But if severe pain can be treated in advance of it occurring, wouldn’t it make sense to cure your symptoms?

For example, two-out-of-every-three people are unaware that they have spinal problems. If your child or loved one hurts themselves and is in pain, do you ignore them or respond to their aid? You probably would rush to help. The same should hold true for your body. If it’s screaming for swift and expert treatment, addressing the situation should be your answer.

You may not realize that back pain is second only to childbirth as the biggest reason for hospitalization. What you may not also realize is that spinal manipulation is one of the few and most effective treatments. Other procedures or methods such as pain killers, traction, or surgery are considered by medical experts to be significantly less effective.

It is well-documented that chiropractic care increases immunity, plays a vital role in improving body functions, as well as boosts brain function. Many unrelated problems can occur as a result of a misaligned spinal column. This is due to the fact that the central nervous system travels through the spine. Here are a couple of things to look for when choosing a chiropractic office. Make sure the doctor personally meets with you, so you can ask questions about their qualifications and background. Be sure to ask how they deal with patient care, as well as for an explanation on evaluating the progress of patients.

Dr. Michael Mitchell has been in practice for over 10 years in the states of Iowa, Michigan, and now Arizona.  His specialties include biomechanical stability, extremity adjusting and rehabilitation, physiotherapy, and kinesio taping.

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