7. Can chiropractic adjustment damage your joints?

The answer is no. What’s more, most chiropractic adjustments are painless. Often, the adjustment may feel good and can provide immediate relief from stiffness or tension.

While some people may get nervous about the “pop” that an adjustment can produce, the sound is not coming from the bones themselves. It’s coming from a lubricant called synovial fluid that’s found in every joint. That fluid contains dissolved gases. Separating joints creates pressure, which forces the gases to rapidly escape, creating the “pop.”

You may have some discomfort during an adjustment, however, if you’ve had a recent injury, as adjustments can irritate inflamed tissue. As your body heals this should stop. Some people also experience odd sensations in their extremities after adjustments. This is a normal reaction to the relieving of pressure on nerves and is usually no cause for concern.

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