Regenesis Wellness Center of Scottsdale Offers Weight Loss & Skin Tightening

For years obesity has been neglected, not only by physicians but by insurance companies, as well. Recently it was decided by all the health agencies that obesity was indeed a disease. Obesity and its related effects will cause over 300,000 people to die each year. At Regenesis Wellness Center of Scottsdale we have been waiting anxiously for this change of protocol to occur. We now can make our weight loss program available to a greater number of over-weight people because now we can bill insurance for the cost of a medical weight loss program. It’s about time people are allowed to use their insurance to work for them instead of the other way around. We have contracts with all major insurance companies and are ready and anxious to make them work for you. We have been in the weight loss business for over 45 years and have figured out that there is a cause for the obesity problem. Our formula is simple: we find it (the cause/causes), fix it, and follow it. Possessing all the necessary diagnostic and therapeutic tools, Regenesis Wellness Center will make your journey to wellness a complete experience. Our patients have lost many thousands of pounds and now we are proud to announce that Regenesis has a breakthrough formula to maintain that weight loss so that health can be continued. Contact Regesesis Wellness Center & Med Spa of Scottsdale 480-443-0004 and